A will is an important legal document that ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes when the time comes.

Considering the vitality of the document, it is essential to correctly draft your will. If the terminology used is vague or open to interpretation, the will can be rendered invalid or challenged.

Therefore, while drafting your will yourself is an option, it may not always be the best one.

Here are 5 reasons why a solicitor can make the process easy for you:

1.   They Can Help You Legally Represent Complex Family Structures & Finances

Individuals with numerous businesses, assets, or holdings often find it difficult to distribute their property fairly.

In addition, those with complex family structures, such as with stepchildren, may find the process difficult, and unintentionally leave out some key inheritors.

A solicitor can analyze your family system to offer the best guidance.

2.   Solicitors Help You Prepare For Contingencies

A will’s execution depends upon an unpredictable event. Therefore, there are numerous contingencies to plan.

What happens if an heir passes away before you? Or the executor of the will is no longer able to execute it?

With numerous possibilities, a solicitor helps you navigate through each one with a thorough contingency plan.

3.   Online Tools Can Be Vague

Writing your will yourself seems easy, especially owing to the numerous templates available online.

Unfortunately, most of the templates are basic and standardized, in short, not befitting for specific situations.

A will needs to be drafted specifically, using accurate legal jargon, to prevent any misinterpretations or misunderstandings upon time of reading. This is where an attorney’s legal prowess guides you.

4.   The Solicitor Ensures Legal Compliance

If you are a lawyer or have knowledge of the law, you may be able to produce a will considered binding and compliant in the field of inheritance law.

But, if you lack knowledge of your state’s specific statutes governing probate, the task can become difficult.

A will attorney ensures you use a legally compliant and state-wise acceptable template to produce a legally binding will.

5.   A Lawyer Promotes Your Interests

While wills are mostly considered in relation with inheritance, an important facet of this document pertains to decisions made concerning you when you are unable to do so.

For example, healthcare power of attorney and financial power of attorney.

A solicitor helps you create both these documents after careful consideration to promote your best interests.


Drafting your own will is an option, but it can increase the chance of an error-laden will, especially if you lack knowledge of inheritance laws.

With an attorney to guide you through the process, you can minimize the risk of errors, and be at ease knowing that your assets will be distributed per your wishes when the time comes.

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