Corporate and Business Law Attorneys

Crystal Lake, Illinois

An entrepreneurial spirit distinguishes the service Carroll, Papp & Cunabaugh, Attorneys at Law, offers its corporate clients. Whether the client is embarking on a new business venture or is well-established in business yet seeking new ways to adapt to ever-changing legal, regulatory and tax environments, our Crystal Lake corporate & business law attorneys research the client’s needs and expand on the client’s ideas to help them succeed.

Some of our corporate & business law services include: the formation of corporations, partnerships, professional associations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, franchises and investment syndicates, as well as day-to-day activities such as the preparation of minutes, annual reports, and by-laws.

Let Carroll, Papp & Cunabaugh, Attorneys at Law, be your Crystal Lake corporate & business law attorneys. We will help you through every step of the process, never leaving your with unanswered questions or concerns. Contact our attorneys today to start your business endeavor.

Our law firm has been providing many corporate and business law legal services including:

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