Misdemeanor Attorneys

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Have you or someone you know been charged with a misdemeanor offense? If you’re in need of legal representation the Crystal Lake misdemeanor attorneys at Carroll, Papp & Cunabaugh, Attorneys at Law, can assist you in many areas of criminal law. Misdemeanor offenses are those deemed less serious than felony offenses, but can still carry up to a year in jail, plus numerous fines. Misdemeanor charges normally arise from crimes such as petty theft, simple assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing and vandalism and punishment can be anything from probation, community service, or jail sentences for a certain amount of time.

Our attorneys can work with you to reduce the charges and arrange for the lightest possible sentence under the law. If the charges against you were unwarranted, we can take the case through trial, requiring the State to prove its case. Let Carroll, Papp & Cunabaugh, Attorneys at Law, be your Crystal Lake misdemeanor attorneys and start getting the legal representation you need.

Our law firm has been providing many criminal law legal services including:





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