Order of Protection Attorneys

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Orders of protection allow for anyone in a family setting or other domestic relationship to receive the protection of the court in keeping an abusive family member from physically hurting, harassing, intimidating, or financially controlling another family member. Our Crystal Lake order of protection attorneys can help a victim of domestic violence obtain an emergency order of protection, and a plenary order of protection, so that life may again be lived in peace.

Unfortunately, orders of protection are often also used as a weapon in a divorce or custody proceeding, and an individual may suffer serious and long-term consequences from an order obtained on false allegations, including no contact with children for a short or longer term. Our family law attorneys will fight to dissolve those wrongfully obtained orders of protection, restore the falsely accused individual’s reputation, and gain access to the children. Contact our Crystal Lake orders of protection attorneys at Carroll, Papp & Cunabaugh, Attorneys at Law today to start learning your rights and protecting yourself or your loved ones.

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