Divorce is a depressing term with overtones of failure, sadness, and prolonged legal manoeuvring. When experts lecture on the frequent causes of divorce, they teach on the reasons for an unhappy marriage. Divorces arise as a result of unsuccessful relationships. And the reasons why some marriages fail and end in divorce are not unique to each pair; rather, they are universal and all-too-common. Let’s dive into the most prevalent causes of divorce.


According to research, the most prevalent contributing factor to divorce identified by participants was a lack of commitment, which was reported by 75% of individuals and at least one person in 94.4% of couples. 70.6 % of the marriages where at least one spouse identified commitment as an issue were those in which both parties felt that lack of commitment was a key factor for divorce. Some participants stated that commitment in their relationships progressively deteriorated until there was no longer enough commitment to continue the relationship, while others reported more abrupt reductions in commitment in reaction to bad events such as adultery.


Infidelity was reported as the second most common significant contributing cause to divorce by 60 percent of individuals and by at least one spouse in 90 percent of couples. Only 31 percent of the couples who had at least one spouse cite infidelity as a reason for divorce were couples in which both parties believed that infidelity was a substantial contribution to the breakdown of their marriage. As a result, most couples with obvious infidelity in their marriages had just one spouse identify it as a contributing cause to their divorce. Infidelity was frequently regarded as a crucial turning point in a failing relationship.


If a couple does not agree on how their funds will be managed, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

Why is financial incompatibility one of the leading causes of divorce? According to divorce statistics, a lack of financial compatibility is a “last straw” reason for divorce, accounting for about 41 percent of all divorces.

Everything from differing spending patterns and financial objectives to one spouse generating significantly more money than the other can strain a marriage to the breaking point. Differences in the amount of money one spouse bring to the marriage may sometimes lead to power struggles within a couple.

Lack Of Communication

Communication is essential in marriage, and being unable to communicate properly rapidly leads to anger and dissatisfaction for both parties, affecting all areas of the marriage.

Good communication, on the other hand, is the cornerstone of a strong marriage. When two individuals share a life, they must be able to communicate their wants as well as comprehend and attempt to satisfy the requirements of their partner.

It is an established fact that divorce can become very messy and unpleasant for both parties. Doing the opposite of the things in this list such as communicating properly, being faithful, etc can significantly reduce the possibility of divorce between couples.

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