Post Decree Lawyers

Crystal Lake, Illinois
If your divorce is final, there may be future matters that arise requiring the expertise of lawyers specializing in family law to concentrate on financial or custody issues. When a former spouse is obligated to pay child support or maintenance, sell a home, or provide for a division of retirement benefits, and does not comply with entered orders, our Crystal Lake post decree lawyers can help you in post-decree litigation, including petitions for enforcement or contempt proceedings to ensure you receive what the court had previously ordered.

As children get older, support obligations may need to be altered or increased to provide for their ever-changing needs. Similarly, if you have been ordered to pay child support or maintenance and your financial circumstances have changed, we can help you seek a modification or termination of those payments. Post-decree litigation is common, and as children age the parties will return to court seeking a change in the parenting time or primary residence of the children. Our lawyers can help you make an informed decision on whether to pursue a post-decree matter, and move the issue forward to a resolution once that decision is made.

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