Traffic Lawyers

Crystal Lake, Illinois

In the state of Illinois there are two types of traffic records, public and court records. The Crystal Lake traffic lawyers at Carroll, Papp & Cunabaugh, Attorneys at Law will provide legal advice to people who have been charged with traffic violations. Our lawyers are resourceful and experienced and will work hard to make sure traffic violations are kept off of your public record as well as keeping insurance rates from going up, and avoiding driver’s license suspension and other consequences of a traffic violation conviction.

Traffic violations come in many different forms such as speeding tickets, parking tickets, improper passing, reckless driving and accidents. As a result of these, your driver’s licenses can be suspended or revoked. In some cases it is possible to have the ticket dismissed, the violation reduced, or to obtain court supervision as an alternative to a conviction. Our Crystal Lake traffic lawyers will work with you to avoid these consequences or for you to receive a lower or no conviction.

If you or someone you know is in need of a traffic lawyer contact Carroll, Papp & Cunabaugh, Attorneys at Law to learn how we can help.

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