Moving back or reconciling after a separation is not always a clear decision to make. For most couples, getting back together is pretty standard after a divorce, but is it the right call? There is no ultimate formula to determine if going back is the right call or not. However, many have gone back for the sake of their children. So, here are a few things to consider before you consider moving back together after a separation.

  1. The Cause Of Separation

Most couples often separate due to unresolved issues, while others might take a break from each other. So, before you go back after a separation, consider the reason for your separation in the first place.

If the issue is not addressed, you’re more likely to separate again. If getting back together doesn’t sound like an excellent decision, never decide in the first place. Reconciliation is somewhat complicated, and it involves getting over a heartbreak or disappointment in your ex-husband.

  1. Ignore Your Emotions

When making this life-changing decision, it is paramount you do it without being beclouded by your emotions. It is normal to feel guilt, fear, anger, frustration, and even love, but never allow these emotions to guide your steps.

Ask yourself some healthy questions as to why you should go back. For the most part, you should be getting back to your marriage if something has changed. But how do you know if your ex-husband or wife has changed? Well, you can start by dating your ex again, and such proximity will no doubt expose if there is a change or not.

  1. Re-Establish Your Relationship, But Not Formally

No law purports that reconciliation after a breakup means moving back together. If your ex tries to convince you to come back, that is more reason to tread with caution. Start by getting to know him again, and reconnect as if your ex was a new woman or man.

Try as much as possible not to judge based on past events, but rather look for clues that show he might have undergone some changes. If neither of you has changed even after the separation, there is no need to get back together.

  1. Don’t Be Forced Or Bullied Into Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a good thing, but moving back together because you were forced, pushed, or cajoled is the beginning of another separation. Here are a few signs that show moving back may be a wrong choice:

  • Your ex is not giving you time to think
  • Your ex is desperate to get you back
  • Your ex is pushing that you get back right away
  • He’s already in numerous relationships with others
  • If the cause of the separation is yet to be resolved in the first place

If you feel emotionally manipulated or controlled by him, that’s a great sign not to move back together. However, if you’re confident that moving back together will make you happier, by all means, do. But ensure you watch out for the red signs, and take the appropriate decision.

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